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Boat Surveying

Boat Surveying is no easy task any ordinary person can claim to have knowledge in. It should be carried out by a certified professional with well developed skills since it is usually a thorough and complex task which needs experience acquired over a period of years. Skills needed range from having good communication skills accompanied with excellent theoretical and technical training.

A boat survey depends on the type and what has been used in its construction, the survey is quite comprehensive to make sure nothing is taken for granted. The hull can be made out of wood, fiberglass or metal each of which have unique issues and require intense investigations. Boats usually come in different sizes and specifications with the engines also manufactured in different types, with both inboard and outboard engines using diesel, gasoline, natural gas or electric, both the fuel and engine types contribute to the main focus on any survey done on boats. All possibilities that fuel might spill and catch fire must be ruled out in a survey.

Another major area is the electrical system of the specific boat, just like a possible fuel spill, can cause a fire break out due to a fault in the system. A shock threat is also common with a faulty electrical system due to the presence of inverters in boats. A qualified and certified surveyor should be able to troubleshoot and advise accordingly. An accredited surveyor not only will they look at the boats physical appearance but also the equipment inside.

Boat survey costs vary by the place they are located, and by the number of boats found in an area, the higher the number the cheaper the survey fees. Charges usually apply to the length of the boat i.e per foot. An extra cost called a mileage fee might apply depending on where the boat is located away form the surveyor. 

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