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Marine Survey

A marine survey basically refers to a detailed inspection carried out on a boat by a qualified surveyor with the sole purpose of knowing its worthiness to go to sea and the overall condition. It is important to the sailor as it determines the vessels ability to stand the test of time and perform functions of which it was built to perform.  A marine survey is crucial to any boat owner with an intent to test the high seas.  

A marine survey report details to a potential buyer what exactly it is they are putting their money into. It entails the necessary things one should keep in mind to assist in maintaining the vessel for future sails keeping them and their highly priced asset afloat and secure.

Depending on where and how a buyer wishes to use it for, a good marine surveyor familiar with experience on most boat models can be well positioned in advising on the long term on the suitability of the purchase and equipment.

A qualified marine surveyor is supposed to perform the following boat inspection tasks:

  • Perform  frequent surveys on the boat to ensure standards are maintained  
  • Test and see to it that all safety equipment and machinery meant for emergencies are operational.
  • Survey boats or ships for load line assignment and tonnage.
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