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Marine Surveying

Pre-Purchase Survey; whether buying a new vessel or used one examination of the operation and condition must be done. It is quite a comprehensive of all surveys as it covers the general integrity of the structure, machinery, an out of water trial, overall maintenance and on board systems such as electrical, propulsion, fuel, e.t.c.

Insurance Survey; to avoid the vessel being termed as a risk factor, the marine insurer has to perform the insurance survey. Safety and structural integrity come in play especially and more importantly if the vessel is a used one. The insurer also inspects to determine the vessels market value.

Damage Survey; Its required in determining the extent of damage caused on the vessel and in turn do an estimate on cost of repairs depending on magnitude of damage. The report can also give the cause on the damage.

Appraisal Survey; This survey gathers information on the real market value the vessel has at current rates. This comes in handy when it comes to settling legal matters or estates, seeking some finance and doing donations.

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