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Marine Surveyor

A Marine surveyor refers to a person with the mandate to carry out surveys and inspections on marine vessels such as boats and ships. A marine surveyor should be able to monitor, do assessment and prepare a report on the condition and seaworthiness of the ships or boats. Inspection on onboard equipments is also conducted regardless whether it has been in existence or new. This report ensures that standards and specifications are complied with.

In the ship and boat industry the marine surveyor is held with high regard. This comes about since it is only after the surveyor is satisfied with the inspection that the subsequent payments and certificates are issued to the client. Marine Surveyors are with no doubt highly qualified individuals in their mostly technical field of work, Its only purely based on their integrity, high competence and judgment that will see any vessel including tankers, cargo ships, ferries and luxury liners be allowed to do the high seas.

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