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Dale Loveday - President of The Marine Butler Ltd. since 1994 

Michael Loveday - Associate Marine Surveyor

Originally our expertise concentrated on the service and repair of luxury yachts.  The company carried out all Bayliner Yacht warranty repairs for Vancouver Island for US Marine for seven years. We also brokered boats, manufactured aluminum boats and participated in major refits until 2005.

Since 2005 we have focused the business on performing PRE-PURCHASE, MECHANICAL and STRUCTURAL INSURANCE SURVEYS on pleasure vessels and float homes. We are members in good standing with ABYC, NFPA . I have a diploma from US Marine Yacht School and am a Canadian Government certified (red seal) mechanic.

Over the years we have successfully worked and been involved with many marine underwriters and claims adjusters working in partnership with the insured through insurance claims and policies.





       Government Red Seal 

       Gas and Diesel Technician Certification

- Competitive and seasonal pricing

- Discount for repeat customers

- Discounts for pensioners
- Discounts for combined Mechanical and Purchase Surveys
- Oil analysis

We provide a variety of marine surveys for you:

  • Insurance Survey
  • Valuation Survey
  • Purchase Survey
  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Damage Survey
  • Condition Survey
  • Oil Analysis


We Have Two Locations to Serve You

Victoria / Sidney

2300 Canoe Cove Marina
North Saanich, BC, V8L 3X9


Nanaimo Location
124-6310 McRobb Avenue
Nanaimo, BC, V9V 1W8

Boat Surveying


Boat Surveying is no easy task that any ordinary person can claim to have knowledge in, however, should be carried out by a certified professional with well-developed skills.  

Surveying is a thorough and complex task requiring experience that is typically acquired over a period of years. 

Skills required range from having good communication accompanied with excellent theoretical and technical training.

A boat survey is quite comprehensive ensuring nothing is taken for granted. A survey varies depending on the type of vessel and the construction. The hull can be made out of wood, fiberglass or metal each of which have unique issues and require concentrated investigations.  

Boats have a variety of sizes and specifications with varying configurations of power. 

Fuel and engine, both in-board and outboard, types contribute to the main focus on any survey.  All possibilities that fuel might spill and catch fire must be ruled out in a survey.

Another major area is the electrical system, faulty systems are contributors to fire and electric shock. A qualified and certified surveyor will be able to troubleshoot and advise of deficiencies accordingly.

An accredited surveyor will not only look at the physical appearance of a vessel but also concentrate on the equipment inside.

Boat survey costs usually apply to the length of the vessel (by foot length) and vary depending on the physical location. Extra fees for mileage may apply.

Marine Survey


A Marine Survey is a detailed inspection carried out on a vessel by a qualified surveyor for the sole purpose of understanding its worthiness and overall condition to go to sea. It is important to the sailor as it determines the vessels ability to stand the test of time and perform functions of which it was built to perform.  A marine survey is crucial to any boat owner with an intent to test the high seas.


A marine survey report details to a potential buyer exactly what they are putting their money into. It details the necessary items one should keep in mind to assist in maintaining and operating a vessel. 

A qualified marine surveyor is supposed to perform the following boat inspection tasks:

  • Perform  frequent surveys on the boat to ensure standards are maintained  
  • Test to ensure that all safety equipment and machinery meant for emergencies are operational.
  • Survey boats or ships for load line assignment and tonnage.

Marine Surveyor


A Marine Surveyor refers to a person with the mandate to carry out surveys and inspections on marine vessels such as boats and ships. 

A marine surveyor will monitor, conduct assessment and prepare a report on the condition and seaworthiness of a vessel.

 Inspection of onboard equipments is also conducted regardless of whether it is used or new. The inspection ensures that standards and specifications are complied with. 

In the ship and boat industry the marine surveyor is held with high regard. It is only after the surveyor is satisfied with the inspection that the subsequent payments and certificates are issued to the client. 

Types of Surveys


Pre-Purchase Survey:  Whether buying a new vessel or used, examination of the operation and condition must be done. This is the most comprehensive of all surveys as it covers the general integrity of the structure, machinery, overall maintenance of on-board systems such as electrical, propulsion, fuel, etc. and typically includes an out of water inspection and sea trial.

Insurance Survey:  To avoid the vessel being deemed a risk factor, the marine insurer will require an insurance survey prior to issuing a policy. Safety and structural integrity come in play particularly if the vessel is a used one. The insurer also requires the inspection to determine the current market value of the vessel.

Damage Survey: Is required to determine the extent of damage caused to the vessel and to provide an estimate of cost to repair depending on magnitude of damage. The report may also provide information regarding the cause of the damage. 

Appraisal Survey: This survey provides information on the state of the vessel which includes current market value. This not only assists the buyer but may also be used for settling legal matters, estates and seeking financing.

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